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Naomi Joy Art

Wildlife and pet portrait Artist


"Naomi Joy is a successful animal Artist focussing on bringing modernity to pet portraits and showing the beauty and life behind all animals."


Naomi Joy has recieved attention for her

amazingly detailed pet portraits that clients

are thrilled with.


They are each unique with more rich, vibrant and diverse colours than standard colour pencil or oil painted portraits which gives them a fresh and modern feel.


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Art for a good cause

Naomi Joy not only paints animals because of her own love of them but often for good causes too.


Her paintings are often sold with some profit given to raise funds for different causes or the rescue centres where she photographed the painted animal. This has and will include: Bristol Hunt Sabs, Hollyhedge Animal Sanctuary, Artists of Compassion, Secret World Wildlife Rescue, Otters and Butterflies Buckfast, Bristol Animal Save and the list will go on...


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