Own Original animal art by Naomi Joy Art: bats Limited Edition launch

On July 1st at 7pm I will be launching a release of original art, the theme for this launch is bats!

This means at 7pm GMT a range of new work will appear to purchase and collectors have the chance to home a one off, original piece.

Why bats?

I rescue and rehabitate bats in my studio next to where I paint, I love bats so much and felt really inspired to create some work around them. People often say they would love to adopt a bat, well here is your chance to have a realistic little bat friend at home! Bats have had a lot of negative press recently and I think they deserve some love, they are also very cute! You'll also be helping the bats as 5% of my profits will go towards bat care (although all sales enable me to support myself and directly help animals!).

What will you be releasing?

♥  Two original mini bats scenes in bell jars - tiny handmade bats for you to adopt!
♥  One original painting - Bat species of the UK
♥  100 fine art prints of this painting, limited edition and signed
♥  Two companion animal commission slots

How does it work?

At 7pm the items will appear on the shop and the first to purchase will take the art home! They will be available on the shop for only three days! You will then complete your purchase and I will mail out your order to it's new home.

For companion animal commissions only two people will be able to purchase the slots and there may not be more released until August, the price and size will be set, however there may be some design negotion and added costs depending on what you are after.

What do I need to do now?

Sign up to my mailing list below to stay up to date and get reminders about the launch (you can opt out any time and I promise I won't bombard you although I am very excited!). You will also recieve a discount to use on products in the launch!

Sign up to my mailing list to stay up to date on the release and get a little discount!

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