Amphibians found in the UK original painting:


I wanted to create a chart that shows honestly which amphibians we share our home with. So this chart includes both native and non-native species as it wasn't their choice to exist here. With the help of ecologists I wittled down the list to these species as hopefully this gives a rough guide of established colonies (subject to change!).


I hope the chart is informative, maybe helps you identify species, as well as beautiful and will look lovely hanging in a frog-lovers space!


I absolutely love frogs, toads and newts. Painting the little warts on each toad and crinkles on newts was filled with so much joy. I'm so glad I could bring this piece into the world!


The painting is roughly A3 in size ( 320mm x 450mm ) with a mount and black frame measuring 440mm x 570mm in total on the outside of the frame.

This painting is a mix of watercolour and acrylic vegan paint and will come framed, with a certificate of authentication.


Amphibians found in the UK - original painting