A one off, unique, handsculpted 3D art work within a glass bell jar. This original piece will come with a certificate of authentication.


The piece was inspired by pipistrelle bats that Naomi has rehabilited and is approximately lifesize. Camazotz is the name of a Mayan bat god. This piece was for those who always say they would love to adopt a bat - but obviously they belong in the wild! Camazotz is the perfect compromise as he is happy to hang from his perch and watch the world go by, while bringing all those who look upon him joy.


Materials: 100% vegan - no animals were harmed in the making.

A mixed media piece of polymer clay, acrylic paint, wire, masking tape, handmade fibres for fur such as soy and bamboo, dried moss, paper, dried soil, real twigs and lichen, dried heather flowers.



Approx 12cm tall and 12cm wide


The bell jar will be posted on in the packaging it arrived in before being crafted. We will recycle and use plastic free where possible.

Bat bell jar art - Camazotz


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