A species chart capturing the Bumblebees found in the United Kingdom.


A decorative species chart of our little fluffy friends, each pictured with a beautiful flower. This piece showcases the beauty and diversity of the bumblebees we have around us which we need to work together to protect.


The chart shows the most common species at the top going down to the rarest and in decline at the bottom. It may help identify bees but I went for a more decoratie approach for this piece - and couldn't fit all the latin names on in the end! I decided to keep it simple.


I hope a percentage of this piece will go towards helping bumblebee charities, but I'm just confirming the details still!


The painting is A3 in size (297mm x 420mm) with a mount and black frame measuring 417mm x 540mm in total on the outside of the frame.

This painting is a mix of watercolour and acrylic vegan paint and will come framed, with a certificate of authentication.


Bumble bees of the UK - original painting