My first range of ceramic artists palettes!


I created some for myself (as I happen to help out at a Pottery a couple of times a month anyway!) and I absolutely loved using them. A few followers noticed them in pictures and sought after purchasing some for themselves so here we are!


Some have little brush indents to rest brushes on and this new batch has my logo stamped onto the back.


I have available:


Bat palettes

Approx dimensions:

Small: L13cm x H7cm (Shown in pic of 2 palettes)

Large: L16.5cm x H10cm (Shown in pic of 3 palettes)


Rectangle palettes:

L16.5cm x 5.5cm


Snail palette

Approx dimensions: L17.5cm x H13.5cm


Mushroom palette

Approx dimensions: L11.5cm x H16cm


All are made with recycled clay from a ceramics studio and are earthenware fired with a shiney white glaze. These are handmade items so definitely not perfect but do have plenty of charm!


Ceramic Artists paint palettes