My first range of ceramic artists materials!


To go with the launch of my paint palettes I wanted to make some cute brush rests - I find these so useful when working so my brush doesn't roll around on my painting or sit in a cup of water that damages the bristles.


I wanted them to be like little desk pets, cute and charming!


I have available:


Bat rests
(approx dimensions: L7cm x H3cm)

Frog rests
(approx dimensions L4cm x H2.5cm)


Cat rests
(approx dimensions L5cm x H2cm)
(Larger one L7cm x H2.5cm)


Snail rests
(approx dimensions L4cm x H3cm)


Little bear rests
(approx dimensions L1.5cm x H1.5cm)


All are made with recycled clay from a ceramics studio and are earthenware fired with a shiney white glaze. These are handmade items so definitely not perfect but do have plenty of charm!


Ceramic Artists paintbrush rests