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In the Celtic legend, the ‘Holly’ plant is the king of the winter season, while the badger is its companion. The Celts associated both the holly (growing in the snow), as well as the badger (always striving for survival) with the harsh season of winter, and they became the symbol of strong will and survival.This image was painted from a photo taken of a badger safe and sound in a rural garden. The badger is stepping out of the darkness into the light of the porch with awareness but courage and trust that it is safe. It's the moment when everyone in the room holds their breath as they catch a glimpse of this mysterious and illusive creature up close and personal, sharing the space we ourselves dwell in. It seems that everyone has a story of that “one time I saw a badger...” and this is a special and almost magical memory fixed in one's imagination. People feel very lucky to have seen a badger. It's almost ironic that the badger represents a strong will to survive yet we as humans are preventing this very thing by inflicting mass slaughter on a being so many consider wonderful and magical. With so many badgers lost, I hope they stay true to their symbol and we can help many more generations to experience the magic of seeing a badger.
(This is written on the back of card)

An A6 size card printed on recycled paper without any plastic packaging.

Holly and badger card

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