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A 14.8 x 14.8cm card printed on recycled paper, blank inside with no plastic packaging. £3 for one or £12 for 5 cards (see drop down to choose)


The back reads: 

Britain’s smallest bat species group, the pipistrelle, the weight of a 2p coin. With a wingspan of 20cm, these bats appear bigger in flight. Bat numbers have fallen dramatically over the last fifty years as a result of habitat loss, destruction of roost sites and changes in agricultural practices, which have reduced the number and diversity of their insect prey. It is estimated that the pipistrelle, our commonest bat, declined by 70% between 1978 and 1993. However, due to protection and the implementation of conservation practices populations have started showing signs of recovery in recent years.


For each card of this design sold 20p will go to the Bat Conservation Trust.


And a pipistrelle in a pear tree card

£3.00 Regular Price
£2.10Sale Price
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