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Badgers can be known simply, and affectionately, as Brock (sometimes written as the Celtic broc) and in folklore the badger connects to perseverance, along with the patience and persistence this requires. The badger is considered self-reliant, determined, assertive and willing to work. They are a symbol of courage against the odds and of bitter determination.

This depiction of a badger is particularly poignant in this current time as 32,601 badgers were killed across 30 licensed culling zones in the west of England last autumn bringing the total number of badgers slaughtered since 2013 (under a governmental policy) to almost 67,000. Badgers are accused of spreading bovine TB and despite any credible evidence towards this, the culling of badgers continues. The latest figures from the initial cull areas, in which badgers have been targeted for six consecutive years, suggest that incidents of bovine TB in cattle are either static or rising, indicating that the badger culls are failing to reduce the spread of disease. Despite this devastation the “age old” brock seems to carry on, full of courage, grit and persistence to remain an icon of British wildlife, although hundreds of ancient setts may now sit dormant or destroyed, never to be used again.

Therefore, this piece focuses around emphasizing the courage in badgers and those who endeavour to help this wonderful, native species. Under the waxing crescent, a time to grow, there is the star sign of Leo that emphasizes energy, courage and honesty. The flowers are Gladiolus which have an heroic meaning coming from the Latin “Gladius” which means sword and symbolises strength, victory and pride. The Red Amethyst with its addition of Hematite brings the energy of courage, tenacity and inner strength.


Fine art glicee print, unframed.

Courageous Brock print

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