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This painting is the latest in a series called "Do you like me now?" which challenges the perspective of the viewer by painting an often overlooked subject and adding a flower crown so the viewer may add more value to the subject.

This rescue duck is Boris who lives at Coppershell Farm Sanctuary and was cared for by the wonderful Jude at The Shed Sanctuary who took the photo of him for me.

I've recently been helping promote a campaign by the Animal Justice Project called The Foul Truth which highligts the terrors farmed ducks face. Ducks can naturally live up to 20 years old, have fully waterproof feathers, so their under layer of ‘down’ will always remain dry and warm and amazingly ducklings can swim from the day they hatch. However, farmed ducks are killed at just six weeks old and are often live shackled for slaughter before entering an electrified water bath. By law, farmed ducks do not need to have access to open water, prohibiting them from carrying out natural behaviours. Boris is lucky that he has a happy forever home and access to water to carry out his natural behaviours.


Coppershell Farm Sanctuary are an animal sanctuary based in Wiltshire, UK. Their Sanctuary is home to over 240 Residents across 62 acres of farmland. They have helped over 400 animals out of perilous situations since they started in 2018. Their ultimate goal is to find our Residents the forever home they deserve.


The sale of this painting of Boris will donate £50 to Coppershell Farm Sanctuary to support amazing work they do and their beautiful residents and £50 to the Animal Justice Project so they can continue their impactful campaigns.

The canvas is roughly 50 x 40cm and painted with vegan acrylic paints. It will be sent next day delivery via DPD unless collection can be arranged.

Do you like me now? Duck painting original

£545.00 Regular Price
£408.75Sale Price
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