An enamel pin badge designed by Naomi Joy Art  to raise funds for Bath Hunt Sabs. All funds will go to the group.

"Bath Hunt Saboteurs use effective non-violent, direct action to prevent the killing of wildlife in the name of sport; including Foxes, Hares, Stags and Pheasants. We use Citronella spray to mask the scent of hunted animals, as well as hunting horns to distract the hounds." See more at:

All three designs have the word "ANTI" within them, meaning anti hunting. The pin sizes are 30mm in total (which means the hare appears smaller than the fox as it is longer).

Pins will be sent wrapped in recycled tissue paper in a padded envelope. Please note they do come in little plastic bags as the enamel pin producer provided them and we leave them in these for health and safety reasons.

Fox - Bath hunt saboteurs pin badge


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