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**PACKS OF 6 UNLESS ALL 31 IS SELECTED ** Click to enlarge the photo to see pack number.


Every year I run a competition on my Instagram stories throughout the month of October, every day my followers can guess an animal to win an original ink drawing. This year the theme was "Halloween Endangered Animals" which were worldwide and in alphabetical order. So many followers played along each day, sending their guesses in. I felt we all had fun and learnt a lot!


As only one person could win each original ink drawing I decided this year to release postcard packs of all the ink drawings so that those that missed out (or were very close!) can also own the artwork.


The postcard packs are available in 5 set groups of 6, one 7, which are numbered in the pictures above. You can also purchase all 31 for only £20! Please open the pictures fully to see the numbers for each set. Set 1 was day 1- 6, set 2 is day 7 - 12 and so on.


The postcards are A6 in size, printed on 300gsm fully recycled card and with a postcard back with the animals fact. Secured in a plastic free wraparound and hand stamped.

Hallowinktober postcard packs