If you have one a Hallowinktober print this year on Instragram this is a handy way to pay your postage fees and have it delivered with any other products you may be ordering.


*Please pop your Instagram handle in the notes so I know who you are and what to send you!*


Your original ink drawing is A5 in size, on high quality art paper, created with an ink pen.

It will come in a little biodegradeable packet to keep it safe and will be hand signed.


I've listed a few suggestions for pricing on this, pick whatever you feel most suitable/what you can afford. It's just a donation towards the postage costs really as the first year I didn't ask and it knocked my finances a little, so any contribution helps!


For those who don't know about Hallowinktober:

Every year I run a competition on my Instagram stories throughout the month of October, every day my followers can guess an animal to win an original ink drawing. This year the theme was "Halloween Endangered Animals" which were worldwide and in alphabetical order. So many followers played along each day, sending their guesses in. I felt we all had fun and learnt a lot!


Hallowinktober *winners only* postage payment