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My Mindful Moment series are 12 pieces that will directly fund my own therapy this year, I will be releasing a painting on the last day of each month that I've painted mindfully that will directly fund my own therapy and hopefully I can raise awareness of mental health issues, reduce the stigma and create some good conversations and support to others.


As I'm still having therapy I still need to raise funds to pay for this service (especially crucial currently with all that's going on in my life). So I've decided to continue the Mindful moment series but with a new theme! This series will follow closely with the seasons that we experience month to month here in the UK. This includes the full moon each month and its meanings, any wiccan/pagan sabbats from the wheel of the year and the correspondences they have. I hope to guide you through a full year of connecting back to nature and the meanings behind old traditions

This piece was inspired by the full strawberry moon, the summer solstice/Litha and toads! The summer solstice or Litha is the longest day of the year and summer officially starts, I wanted to paint a long, drawn out sunset like I had just experienced at Stonehenge this year on the Solstice. The oranges and yellows linger and you may be lucky enough to catch the moon rising.


What's more summery than starwberries and finding wild strawberries is even more exciting. This little toad is enjoying a wonderful viewpoint of the moon rise from his hilltop, leafy position. Ready for summer to start.





A5 sized Fine Art Glicee eco friendly print on 300 GSM  Fine Art Paper, signed and numbered and limited to 24, packaged in a biodegradable film.





Mindful Moment 22 Print - Number 6 - June

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