My Mindful Moment series are 12 pieces that will directly fund my own therapy this year.

I realised I really enjoy fundraising for causes that inspire me but I often neglect myself. In 2020 I started therapy again which has been incredibly helpful, however, in order to access what I need it is a  paid service and I need to cover the costs. Therefore this year I will be releasing a painting and prints on the last day of each month that I've painted mindfully that will directly fund my own therapy and hopefully I can raise awareness of mental health issues, reduce the stigma and create some good conversations and support to others.


This piece's quote is "You can do anything, but not everything". It's again very relevant right now to me personally as I start doing things again after being ill but also in general as we all ease out of lockdown and the sun and other events start happening.

I thought of a squirrel for this quote as they are always so busy with a purpose! This little guy looks slightly worried as he pauses in the bluebells. Has he stopped to notice the beauty of where he is right now?

The squirrel was photographed by the lovely @furry_gothmother who has a stash of amazing squirrels pictures!

The other very special thing about this piece is that the paints used were handmade by Ericius Arts !! They are all foraged, found or sourced and then created to have the smallest impact on our planet. (All vegan too!) They were incredibly lovely to use and I thoroughly enjoyed painting this piece!


A5 sized Fine Art Glicee print on 310 GSM Elegance™ Velvet Platinum Edition Fine Art Paper, signed and numbered and limited to 24, packaged in a biodegradable film.



Mindful Moment Print - Number 3 -You can do anything, but not everything