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**The original order have now all sold! Therefore these cards will come in my next card order and may take 2 weeks plus to arrive, please bare this in mind when ordering. I'll get them out as soon as possible once they arrive to me from the printers**


A 14.8 x 14.8cm card printed on 300gsm recycled stock, blank inside with no plastic packaging. £3 for one or £5 for 3 cards (see drop down to choose)


The back reads: 

Across Britain's rolling countryside, rural communities will gather on Boxing Day for the annual fox-hunting meetings, depsite the tradition being as divisive as ever, 15 years after the Hunting Act was introduced. Unfortunately depsite claiming to be drag hunting, most hunts are still found to be hunting foxes with a pack of hounds who brutally tear them apart once caught. This Boxing Day spare a moment to think of those in peril, or better yet support your local hunt sab groups.


For each card of this design sold 20p will go to the Bath Hunt Sabateurs.

Run free, think of me, Boxing Day plea card

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