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A 14.8 x 14.8cm card printed on recycled paper, blank inside with no plastic packaging. £3 for one or £12 for 5 cards (see drop down to choose)


The back reads: 

Whilst not as well known as fox hunting and deer hunting, there are still 71 listed hunts and groups across the country involved in chasing and killing hares. These are the ‘sports’ of hare hunting and hare coursing. The notion that the hares involved in hare coursing and hare hunting die quickly is as much a lie as the farce of “trail hunting” put forward by those who chase and kill foxes. There was once as many as 4 million hares in Britain. Today this number stands at around 700,000, a decline of more than 80 percent during the last 100 years.


For each card of this design sold 20p will go to Hunt Saboteurs Association

Snow fight like a hare fight card

£3.00 Regular Price
£2.10Sale Price
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