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An A6 card printed on recycled paper, blank inside with no plastic packaging. £3 for one or £12 for 5 cards (see drop down to choose)


The back reads: 

Stanley the sheep was found entangled in a thicket, weak, cold and scared with night drawing in. There were no other living sheep near him, but the bodies of several lambs in various states of decay could clearly be seen. He wasn't even bleating, as if he'd given up. Luckily Stanley was found and was in safe hands until he reached his forever home at Fleecehaven who are a sheep sanctuary in North Devon that provide a safe, loving home for life to over 120 sheep. Other than poultry, sheep make up the largest number of farmed animals in the UK, one shocking statistic is that around 20% of lambs apparently die from disease or exposure before they are weaned and this loss is considered acceptable and budgeted for. I'm incredibly grateful Stanley didn't fall prey to this statistic and fought for his own life.

Stanley the sheep card

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