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My mission this veganuary was to shine the spotlight back on the non-human animals and highlight the hard working sanctuaries who support as many of these wonderful lives as possible.


During the last year sanctuaries have been struggling for funds and we need to do all we can to support these important places. Not only do they offer forever homes to those in need, but they are also raise awareness, educate and give people first hand experiences of their beautiful residents.


Nearly all the non-human animals I have painted in this painting come from Dean Farm Trust and my early morning visits their to visit the bat flight cage. I was always greeted by a different furry pal, saw them living happy lives and connect with each other.


Dean Farm Trust is a home for life to over 200 rescued animals living in 62 acres of pasture, woodland and paddocks in South Wales.Their animals come to them from all different backgrounds and situations which include: unwanted pets, neglect and abuse cases, animals rescued from slaughter, other charities and abandoned animals. Many of the animals at the sanctuary are extremely vulnerable and need extra care and support, some receive daily medications and treatments, regular vet checks, homeopathic and alternative therapies and special diets. Each animal is treated as a complete individual with their own needs, they ensure not only their physical being is cared for but also their psychological well-being. Residents only live with other residents they get on with and give each other companionship and stimulation.


Fine Art Glicee print on 310 GSM Elegance™ Velvet Platinum Edition Fine Art Paper, packaged in a biodegradable film. Each print will donate £2 to Dean Farm Trust Sanctuary.


Support vegan sanctuaries - print

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