Wildlife art shop update

"Iconic British Wildlife"

On September 18th at 5pm I will be updating my shop with new British Wildlife art!

This means at 5pm GMT a range of new work will appear to purchase and collectors have the chance to knab some new art.

Why British wildlife?

I asked my followers across my social media what they consider to be British wildlife. The results were varied and very interesting! From these responses I have created a new range of art work. I expect there may be some contraversary over which animals got featured, which hopefully will start some interestig discussions.

I will be helping raise funds for a few different charities as part of this release, each painting assigned to an associated organisation.

What will you be releasing?

♥  The original "Iconic British wildlife" painting, framed and signed
♥  Limited edition run of prints of the "Iconic British Wildlife" piece

♥  Three A4 original paintings - Fox, badger and hedgehogs!
♥ Prints of these paintings

♥ Leftover bat products will go up on my forever shop (t-shirts, mugs and posters)

How does it work?

At 5pm the items will appear on the shop in the "New releases" section and my normal forever shop. They willbe available while stocks last, so be ready if you are keen for an original piece or limited editions prints.

I will post out orders in groups so please allow 2 - 3 weeks for postage and a month or so for international orders as they seem to be taking a while currently. I will be adjusting postage costs to reflect weight rather than amount spent now.

What do I need to do now?

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